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A collection of tools for effectively managing and sharing data. 

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SQLite SQLite is a simple, server less database manager that allows you to quickly build databases. The programming language is called SQL. sqlite3 comes pre-installed on Mac OSX and Linux. Mode Analytics – Learn SQL
DB Browser for SQLite The browser based GUI that helps you create, design, and edit database files with SQLite. Relational Databases and SQL for Astronomy
SQL Alchemy The Python SQL Database Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper
MySQLdb A MySQL database connector for Python programming
NecTAR Research Cloud Nectar Cloud provides flexible scalable computing power to all Australian researchers, with computing infrastructure, software and services that allow the research community to store, access and run data, remotely, rapidly and autonomously. Nectar Cloud self-service structure allows fast, efficient desktop access to data and a powerful platform for collaboration. Comprehensive Support

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