Tech Savvy Astronomer challenges the status quo by bringing elements of the tech industry to data-intensive astronomy research. 


It's also about empowering data–savvy researchers
and preparing for them for successful careers in tech.


In this new era of data-intensive astronomy there are many reasons.
Here are just a few.


Managing the data deluge

The next generation telescopes & large science surveys will require astronomers to effectively manage & exploit large, complex, datasets. Turning data into scientific knowledge is becoming  increasingly more difficult, as traditional techniques don't easily scale to the petabytes of data that will be produced.


The development of new tools & data analysis techniques will be crucial for science teams to deliver rapid, cutting-edge science. There is a growing demand for astronomers who can understand machine-learning methods, build tools to enhance their research, & contribute to community development.



Skilled data scientists are in great demand worldwide. Astronomers with strong skill sets that include data science, statistical methods, visualisation & tech skills, are moving to sought after roles in leading tech-companies. Keeping up to date with industry knowledge and trends is important.

Learn how to manage & write better code.

Discover new tools & integrate them into your research.

Build up a data-science project & tech–skills portfolio.

Engage with astronomy tool developers & instrument scientists.

Follow the latest tech news & trends.

Turn hack ideas into robust tools for the community


We provide curated lists of tools to help you start your journey.

These can be gradually integrated into your everyday research, or used to build up a portfolio web-based projects, applications, and data science projects. Many of the tools have been road tested by Tech Savvy Astronomer. Recommendations come from astronomers who currently build tools for the community
Tools are loosely grouped into categories based on their core function.



Built by astronomers. For astronomers.

Tech Savvy Astronomer celebrates and supports community development.
If you are building, or have built tools for the community, please let us know by tweeting @techsavvyastro


Get involved

The Python in Astronomy and .Astronomy conferences; AAS, NAM & SPIE Hack Days; and the Astro Hack Week, SciCoder, and the ANITA workshops, bring together a diverse community of astronomers, instrument scientists, software developers, data archivists, wranglers, and educators. They provide a forum for discussing the latest tech tools, skills sharing, digital literacy, promoting best practises in scientific computing, and the opportunity for astronomers to create or "hack" innovative research and outreach tools in a collaborative environment.
Past events have focussed on a diverse range of topics from web development, machine learning, Bayesian inference, frequentist statistics, databases, version control, statistics with R, numerical Python, effective computing, optimisation and sampling, to interactive data visualisation.


Upcoming Events

Tech Savvy Astronomer Talk & Mini Workshop
26th July, 10–1pm
University of Melbourne

SciCoder 9
31st July – 4th August, Nashville
Vanderbilt University

ADACS Data Intensive Astronomy Workshop
7th – 9th August
Swinburne University of Technology
Tech Savvy Astronomer BoF: 
Useful tools for research & for transitioning into tech career

Astro Hack Week 2017 
28th August – 1st September, Seattle
University of Washington

22nd – 26th October, Santiago
Sheraton Santiago Conference Hall

Astroinformatics 2017
7th – 10th November, Cape Town
Lagoon Beach Hotel

.Astronomy 9
14th – 17th November 2017, Cape Town
South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO)
Featuring Tech Savvy Astronomer (Invited):
Web technologies for Data-Driven Astronomy & Big-Data Science